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From her earliest days, it was clear animals would be an important part of Jennifer’s life. She was developing relationships with every cat and dog she encountered and riding horses by age six at her aunt’s ranch. She’s had an uncanny knack of communicating with and understanding animals all her life. At age 10 she began walking neighbor’s dogs. By 11 she landed a job at a local horse stable, taking care of all the horses. Later a job at a dog kennel gave her further experience in the care and training of many different breeds.

About mid-way through high school, Jennifer began working for a veterinarian in a neighboring town and quickly became adept at most of the responsibilities required by vet-techs. She was trained on the job to assist in surgeries, perform dental work, various grooming jobs, and general animal care. This training proved invaluable in her subsequent 13 years working as a Vet Tech in NJ, WI and TX. Always a nurturer, Jennifer became well-known in the following years for taking-in orphaned wildlife including birds, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons, all while earning a Bachelor's degree in Field Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Shortly after graduation, she relocated to Tyler, Texas. There she became an assistant keeper of small primates and mammals at the Dallas zoo. While at the zoo she learned about her dream job - the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Tyler. She sought out the refuge and almost immediately became a volunteer and then soon employed as Head Keeper and Cat Curator as well as Volunteer Coordinator and holding a seat on the board. Jennifer’s duties here included food prep, feeding, cleaning, enrichment and minor training of some of the cats. The “cats” included African lions, cougars, and 3 species of tigers, including Accolon (see picture), one of the unfortunate animals to lose their home when Michael Jackson and his Neverland Ranch ran into trouble. Work at Tiger Creek was not without its challenges, both physical and intellectual and working closely with these amazing animals taught her many lessons in animal psychology that she uses to this day when grooming and training her Pet Pawrade clients.

Jennifer was loving her life when disaster struck. A rare but chronic illness she'd been fighting for a number of years flared up beyond control, requiring her to seek medical attention 'back home' at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's advanced medical facilities. There, expert specialists were able to diagnose and treat her illness, stemming further deterioration. But before the battle was over, Jennifer had lost enough mobility and strength that she had to take a hiatus from animal care, especially with large predators. Upset but not beaten, Jennifer vowed to rehabilitate herself and re-direct her animal talents. And she has done just that.

Thanks to a recent marriage and re-location Jennifer now proudly offers Milwaukeeans her services through Pet Pawrade. Her stated goal is to help you bring out the best in your pet through training, grooming, walking and behavior modification. And you have to admit, with her interesting but tough journey, if anyone can do it, Jennifer can.

The full list of services available and rates are available on this website and be sure to check out her "Blog" for interesting, short articles about breed types, dog psychology and other pet related issues.

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