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Puppy Classes
Age 8 wks – 6 months

Personalized one-on-one…$20 per session (about ½ hour)
4 week puppy class…........$60 ($15 per class ½ hr – 45 min)


Puppies, like children, have a shorter attention spans, so shorter sessions work better for them. These classes include basic information on puppy behavior and how todeal with it and help your puppy develop into a well-behaved and well- adjusted member of your family.

We will cover socialization, potty training, leash training, “puppy-biting”, proper play, chewing, and nutrition and other minor health concerns.

Canine Obedience Training
Age 6 months and up

Personalized one on one….$25 per session (35--40 min)
Pre-Pay 6 sessions……………......$120 ($20 per session)


Pet Pawrade’s obedience training includes teaches you the basic commands such as “sti”, “stay”, “down” and “heel”. As well as those basic commands you will learn about proper socialization of your dog with people and other dogs and some behavior basics. Behavior basics will be tailored to the class members’ specific issues—such as: barking, biting, food aggression, crate training, etc.

Behavior Management
Always personalized and individual

Feline, or Other Pet Issues ……………$30 (about an hour)
Canine Behavior Issues…$35 per session (about an hour)
Parrot socialization Issues……………..$40 (about an hour)

Behavioral concerns include: puppy issues, potty/crate training, dominance/aggression towards people, new pet introduction to family or other pets, hyperactivity, feline litter box issues, new feline socialization, feline behavior issues, parrot socialization/taming

**All training is done with owners present and owners doing as much hands-on with their animal as possible **

If you have already taken Puppy or Obedience classes and are still having behavior issues with your dog this individualized training session could be for you. I will meet with you and your dog(s) and ask questions and observe the interaction between you and your dog and asses your dog’s personality and come up with reasonable strategies to get your dog back on track.

If you have an adult dog that is out of control, very timid or aggressive towards other dog and you want some personalized training and strategies to assist you BEFORE you start Obedience training, than this training could be for you as well.

Do you have a parrot you cannot handle, or have you recently adopted a parrot for the first time and are not sure how to get started? I can help you develop a bond with your parrot and give you some guidelines on how to interact with your bird.

Feline and other pet issues can include feline behavior issues, litter box issues, introducing new cats or pets to the household, socializing rodents and rabbits and various other small pet issues.

Dog Walking
For those within walking distance of 63rd and North in Wauwatosa

20 -30 Minute Walk…………….. $12
This is an ideal walk for small breed dogs or dogs who are elderly or out of shape—but will work for any size and breed of dog.

45 – 60 Minute Walk……………….$20
This walk is only for dogs with high energy and stamina; typically dogs over 15lbs, dogs under 10 years old and physically fit.

Canine TRAINING walks……………….. $25
This walk is for dogs who do not walk well on a leash, drag people and constantly pull. This could also work for dogs who are afraid to go on walks or who refuse to move when on a leash, or for any other issues during walks.

The number of training walks required will depend on the dog and the owners’. I do require one or two short sessions with the owner to explain and demonstrate what I am doing, so that the dog gets consistent messages when the owner or I walk them.

Pet Sitting
Currently, pet sitting is available to established clients only

In your home—for those within walking distance of 63rd and North
2 visits per day………….……… $25
3 visits per day …………………. $35

(includes potty time, feed and water, clean up any messes, petting/playtime)

*Walks are extra - 20-30 min.- $10 or 45-60 min - $18